Bible Study Curriculum for the Book of Acts, ver 1.1.15

 Instructors: Bro. Madison Davis & Rev. Mike Nwankwo

 Christianity to the Uttermost Part of the World, 13.4-28.31

Week 1:           Ministering at Corinth, 18.1-17

  1. What was Paul’s occupation?
  2. Why do you suppose Paul led to preach to the Jews if they were going to reject him anyway?
  3. What is the judgment seat?

Week 2:           Paul Returns to Antioch and Ministry of Apollos, 18.18-28

  1. Who made and what was the vow?
  2. What feast was Paul trying to get to and why?
  3. What does “he knew only the baptism of John” mean in this context?

Week 3:           Paul at Ephesus and Miracles Glorify Christ, 19.1-20

  1. Why was there a need for a “second” baptism at Ephesus?
  2. Why do you suppose Paul walked away from the harden unbelievers?  Should we follow his example today?
  3. The seven brothers exorcised evils spirits in Jesus’ name.  Why were they overpowered?

Week 4:           The Riot at Ephesus, 19.21-41

  1. Why was the city in confusion and chaos?  What caused it?
  2. Who are Diana and Zeus and how do they compare to Jesus?

Week 5:           Journeys in Greece, Troas, and Miletus, 20.1-16

  1. What are the Days of Unleavened Bread?
  2. Why could Paul and the rest continue eating and talking all night after Eutychus fell dead?
  3. What various reasons did Paul have to bypass Ephesus at this time?

Week 6:           The Ephesians Elders Exhorted, 20.17-38

  1. How could Paul have joy in his time of awaiting trouble?
  2. What does “it is more blessed to give than to receive” really mean?  Do you really believe this statement?

Week 7:           Warnings on the Journey and Paul Urged to Make Peace, 21.1-25

  1. Who was Agabus and what did he prophesy?
  2. Why do you suppose Paul was fixated on going to Jerusalem?
  3. Did Paul compromise his teaching?  Elaborate.

Week 8:           Arrested in the Temple and Addressing the Mob, 21.26-39

  1. Were the Jewish men of God behaving like men of God when they tried to protect their religion?  Explain.
  2. Why do you suppose the commander thought Paul was Egyptian?

Week 9:           Addressing the Mob (continued), 21.40-22.21

  1. What was it so imperative for Paul to address the mob?
  2. Why did he speak in Greek to the commander but in Hebrew to the people?
  3. What was his message?

Week 10:         Paul’s Roman Citizenship and the Sanhedrin Divided, 22.23-23.10

Week 11:         The Plot against Paul, 23.11-22

Week 12:         Sent to Felix, 23.23-35

Week 13:         Accused of Sedition and the Defense before Felix, 24.1-21

Week 14:         Felix Procrastinates, 24.22-27

Week 15:         Paul Appeals to Caesar, 25.1-12

Week 16:         Paul before Agrippa, 25.13-27

Week 17:         Paul’s Early Life and Paul Recounts His Conversion, 26.1-18

Week 18:         Paul’s Post-Conversion Life, Agrippa Parries Paul’s Challenge, 26.19-32

Week 19:         The Voyage to Rome Begins and Paul’s Warning Ignored, 27.1-12

Week 20:         In the Tempest, 27.13-38

Week 21:         Shipwrecked on Malta, 27.39-44

Week 22:         Paul’s Ministry on Malta, 28.1-10

Week 23:         Arrival at Rome, 28.11-16

Week 24:         Paul’s Ministry at Rome, 28.17-31

Week 25:         Acts Review and Summary, 1.1-28.31

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