Welcome to Calvary’s season of a spiritual fast.  You can pray without fasting but you should never fast without praying.  As we embark upon this 21 day journey we invite you to come along with us.  There are many different ways to fast.  Consult the Holy Spirit and your medical professional to determine which method is right for you.  Consult the Holy Spirit to determine your individual reason for fasting.  For some it may be deliverance from an addiction.  Others may fast because they need a loved one to give their life to Christ.  Another may fast because he or she needs a closer and more intimate relationship with Jesus.  While someone else may fast because they are facing a major decision and just need to hear clearly from the Lord.  Whatever your reason, we invite you to seek the Lord’s presence during the season of fasting.

We also invite you to fast and pray over the 21 topics below.  You can click on each day to hear the topics.  Please lift up Calvary all twenty one days.  Please pray over your personal situation all twenty one days.  Then pray each day of your fast for each of the topics as we fast and pray together corporately.  Lastly, be sure to journal throughout the process so you may see how God has worked in your life during and after the season of fasting is behind us.  You are sure to be blessed!

Click on each topic each day.  Hit your back button on your browser after listening to return to this page.

Introductory Sermon: Fasting with a Purpose (Matt 6, 16-18)

Jan 11: Day 1 – Calvary’s Spiritual Growth (members & ministries)

Jan 12: Day 2 – Pastors and Spouses in Every Christian Church

Jan 13: Day 3 – Ministers, Ministers’ Spouses, Widows, and Widowers

Jan 14: Day 4 – Christian Organizations and Leadership

Jan 15: Day 5 – Deliverance from Spiritual Wickedness and Tearing Down of Strongholds – Break Every Chain!

Jan 16: Day 6 – Sick, Shut in, and Elderly

Jan 17: Day 7 – Babies, Children, Youth, and Young Adult Development

Jan 18: Day 8 – Leadership Everywhere (Bishops, Gov’t Officials, etc.)

Jan 19: Day 9 – Lost and Sinful Souls All Over

Jan 20: Day 10 – The Earth and the Fullness Thereof (Our Planet)

Jan 21: Day 11 – The Addicted, Afflicted, Bereaved, and Brokenhearted

Jan 22: Day 12 – The Incarcerated, Homeless, Hungry, Naked, Unemployed, and Underemployed

Jan 23: Day 13 – Institutions (Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Government, etc)

Jan 24: Day 14 – A Repentant Nation (2 Chronicles 7 verse 14)

Jan 25: Day 15 – Outpouring & Infilling of Holy Spirit into Each Believer’s Heart

Jan 26: Day 16 – Peace in Homes, Neighborhoods, & Communities

Jan 27: Day 17 – Increase in Faith, Hope, & Love

Jan 28: Day 18 – Understanding and Alignment with God’s Will

Jan 29: Day 19 – Godly Children, Parents, Grandparents, and Good Health

Jan 30: Day 20 – Commitment to Jesus Christ and Godly Obedience

Jan 31: Day 21 – Walk by Faith and Not by Sight

Did you remember to journal?  Get ready for your breakthrough!  God bless!